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Sensory Art Therapy

Using art therapy and sensory bottles to help clients calm themselves, alleviate anxiety and help with focus. Discussion will include the combination of sensory bottles and art therapy to help calm clients when their emotions become overwhelming. They can also be used by clients to help with meditation, alleviating anxiety and helping with focus. A relaxation bottle could be a soothing and fun way for group members to calm their minds and bodies, as well as help bring their attention to the here and now through focusing on the inside of the bottle. Using art therapy and creative activities can also offer unique ways for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) individuals to gain a sense of control and mastery of their environment, grow in self-expression, self-awareness and self-esteem. December 8. 9-12

Art Therapy and Test Anxiety

This course is designed to educate participants about the practical use of art therapy coupled with breathing exercises with clients experiencing symptoms of anxiety caused by test taking. Demonstrations and art experiential’s will advance the participants knowledge of the effectiveness of art and breathing on the reduction of anxiety while test taking. Attention will be paid to treatment interventions with opportunities for hands on, art-based techniques. Participates will take with them new skills and techniques to help in the treatment of difficult anxiety cases. 

Art Therapy and Adult Coloring Books

Are adult coloring books art therapy? Some say yes some say no, but there is no doubt they can have therapeutic benefits. Using adult coloring books can reduce anxiety, create focus, calm the mind and occupy the hands. This simple act of coloring can take ones’ attention away from oneself and onto the present-moment activity. This course will provide information on how to incorporate adult coloring books and art therapy.

Course Expectations

Course Length

Courses are three or six hours in length.    

Length in Contact Hours

3 hours = 3 CEUs

6 hours = 6 CEUs

Course Time

Courses are  usually Saturdays 

Starting at 9am

Course Fees

Courses are usually $25 per credit.

Course Instructor

Lisa Phillips, ATR-BC, LCAT

My experiences include working as Director of Therapeutic Activities for ten years in an acute Psychiatric Hospital--Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. As a clinician, I understand the need to alter, adjust, and individualize group themes and topics to accommodate the functioning level of my patients. Moreover, clinical effectiveness requires crafting age, gender and culturally sensitive client directives and experiences. I am a creative and dedicated professional with a rigorous work ethic and exceptional organizational skills.  

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NO refund will be issued. Payments are nontransferable to other dates, courses or programs. Day of course, refunds will only be given in the case of inclement east coast weather, i.e. a snow storm/blizzard.  

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Lisa Phillips, LCAT is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed creative arts therapists. #CAT-0067.